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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thank You !!!

I want to Thank everyone who sent words of " Sorry for the damage
caused", but I want to let you all know, the air conditioning people
are taking full responsibility for damages caused and the replacement of
the units. Thank God! I also want to tell you all a funny story. I
don't care how old children are. They say the darndest things.

Like the insurance lady comes to access the damage to the our house. My 20 year old soon to be 21 says's "Come in." Well, the lady does. My daughter is holding our rabbit
( my son brought home 3 girl friends ago and we are now taking care of)with
the dog at her feet. And the lady looks into the library and sees the
antique bird cages ( with fake birds in them ) and says" My, you have a lot of animals. Don't you?"

My kid replies, " No. just two, the birds are not real. That's just my Mom's style. Not mine."

LOL Got to Lov Them Kids!!!!


The Cochrans said...

I like the idea of fake birds in the bird cages. Empty antique bird cages always look like the bird has escaped.

I have a blog on my website, where I do the antique-related jobs I enjoy most: researching,interviewing, photographing and writing.

The website is also where we upload the entire 200 pages of our free annual travel-size map guide to antique stores and shows in the western states.

I've already added a link to your blog to my site, and hope you'll consider doing the same. It's
Bliss Cochran

Jeanette said...

That made me snort, literally.

I am glad that the AC company is going to fix the damage. I am sure you are frustrated with the idea of living in a construction zone again, but what a relief to know there isn't going to be a long drawn out battle over this.

I wish I could convince my DH to go for fake birds! The little tweeties make such a mess, I do like to hear them chirping though, especially the finches, they make the cuttest little noise.

We have a bunny too, but no dog and we get the pets comment quite frequently LOL