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Monday, July 7, 2008

The New Bathroom

We bought our house 5 years ago. It is a Federal Colonial. The house it
self was built in 1986. Not that old, I know. How ever the house was
maintained enough by previous owners to keep a roof over their heads
and not much else. The gardens were overflowing with all kinds of
plants. Beautiful, but never maintained, even thu they had been professionally done. Oh well, that to is a another story I will share when we get to the outside.

master bedroom and bath had been re-modeled to help sell the house, and
we fell in love with it. However, the second bath had never been
touched since the house was built. So we decided after many complaints
from the daughter that it was time to tackle the bath. It had the
original everything from the 1980's blue toilet, sink, tub, and old
blue flowered wall paper. A room that you truly kept the door shut, and guests were encouraged to use the master bath.

So the bath was finally done 3 weeks ago. My daughter designed
everything in it. It came out wonderfully, and she was so excited, that
we even replaced the old yucky carpet in the hall way to compliment her
new bath,

THEN, disaster struck over The 4th. You all know we
have been fighting with the brand new air conditioning system that had
to be replaced last August (not even a year old is it) The attic
just repaired last week,decided to act up, and it took out the closet
in the hallway that butts up against the new bath. Water ran thru
the ceiling down the walls and under, into, and everywhere else it
could go. Needless to say, we may have to rip out the new bath, and defiantly the floor has to go. My poor daughter is devastated, but all of this will get fixed. All is replaceable and no one was hurt.


Jeanette said...

OH NO! I am so so sorry! I can't even imagine how frustrated you must feel. Especially since the new bath turned out so beautiful. I LOVE the paint color and the beadboard. It looked so fresh and inviting.

Oh well, this is your chance to change anything you weren't absolutely thrilled with the first time around right? Trying to find some silver in your clouds.

Sand Flat Farm said...

Oh I hate when those things happen. I know your daughter is upset. She did a really good job on that bath. Perhaps it will help her learn to deal with disappointment. Like my FIL always says, "it's all vanity and vexation". She'll do another great job! Vickie

Linda said...

Hi Dona, oh your daughter did such a beautiful job on her bath. I love the color and her accents. So sad about the disaster...but thank goodness all can be repaired and then she'll be able to enjoy. Hugs, Linda

Vintage Hunter said...

What a bummer! I hope you are able to get it sorted out quickly.