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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Just Can't Help It!

I have a disease, it is not life threatening at the moment, but it is getting close!
I just can not seem to pass up anything different and unusual.
My Sister-in-law says it is because I see beauty in what others want
gone. I hope she is right, just hope I can find others who want this
beauty too! Or else my house will be over flowing again.

sales this morning, one did not have anything I felt that I must have.
The other I bought a angle figure, no marks etc. But detailing is incredible. Any ideas?
Also a small crystal lamp, a Radio Flyer Sled, not sure what to do with this yet, I will let you know, they are only selling for $10 on E-Bay. Also snagged some Napco figures, and an Italian Clock, electric and works, But I do not trust it.

The third sale was held at the Kennett Quakers Meeting House, they have this sale 2x's
a year. It is hit or miss. I always end up buying something. I came
home with books a wonderful piece of handwork, a creamer that matches a
set I already own,and a set of prints along with a very old child's
bookcopy written in the 1800"s. The nut cracker is for my husband, the lovable nut, that I would like to crack sometimes.

All in all a good day to buy things I really do not need, just have to feed the addicition some how.

Check out Vintage Re-Style this week Clock Cases.


Sand Flat Farm said...

Hi, Dona - Looks like you found some interesting things in spite of the snow! I found an old sled, too, and I think I'm going to decorate with Christmas ribbon n' stuff and either put it on the front porch or by the fireplace. Whadaya think?

countrygirl3031 said...

Hi Dona ~ I am laughin so hard at the nutcracker for your husband...too funny! You got some great treasures...and I think I must have the same disease as you!


Wanda said...

Dang, we buy the same stuff! I think I bought those pictures last week, too! Or very similar, anyway. There must be others like us out there who like the different and unusual, don't 'cha think?


Linda said...

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving Dona! Hugs, Linda

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Hi Dona,

I SO wish I lived out there and could go shopping with you! I have the same disease after all ;)


Linda said...

Just stopped by to say hi. Hope all is well....are you ready for Christmas? Hugs, Linda

Linda said...

Dona...missing you, hope all is well and you are just busy. Wishing you a Happy New Year...hugs, Linda

Jeanette said...

I love the sled and skates, I can just picture them on someone's front porch.

Guess what? I got a job (Dang economy) I wish I didn't have to, but I am excited about it. I will be teaching elementary kids to read. Should be more stable than subbing anyway. Just want you to know that I haven't forgotten you.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas and I hope your New Year is happy and prosperous.

Lee W - The Way I See It said...

I like the fashion plates.