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Monday, January 5, 2009

It Was Broke

Sorry, I have missed the whole month of Dec. with you all. I did not mean to. But, the monitor and then the computer
died right after my last post. Then I had to wait to buy new, because
my husband went and bought us a new living room set for an early
Christmas gift. That meant waiting till after the holidays for
technology. New Years Eve was spent with the flu. As the Tiffany Ball
landed, so did I right in the bathroom for three days. I hope that
means a good 2009. Only time will tell. I wish everyone health, wealth,
and happiness in the New Year. And I hope you all had wonderful Holidays.


Sand Flat Farm said...

Glad to see you're back! Love your new furniture. I'm looking for something like that - where'd you get it, if I may ask?

I'm glad you're better - I've been sick with cold/allergies/crud since Thanksgiving. It keeps coming and going. I'm so ready for spring I can't stand it!

I'm looking forward to seeing what you and Connie come up with on your jaunts to the sales, too - I am having withdrawal cuz sales around here are slow. Haven't stopped yet, but only 3-4 a week instead of 40-50.

I'm also glad to hear you're back to being "techno"!

Wanda said...

I'm sorry you were under the weather. But happy you got new furniture! It looks soooo comfy.

Linda said...

Welcome back...missed you. Love the new furnishings. Sorry to hear you have had a nasty bug...I hope you are feeling a 100% now. Wishing you a Happy New Year and all the best in 2009....hugs, Linda