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Sunday, November 2, 2008

November Already??

I do not, do not know where October went. I can not find it any where.
I looked high, and I looked low, and somewhere in between it vanished.
But, I guess that is no surprise at all. This entire year has gone so
quickly, and Christmas right around the corner too!

I have been absent from my blogging this entire month. Work has been
pretty crazy, and after spending 10-12 hour days on the computer at
work, I just could not even look at mine when I got home.

So instead I have been working on many projects and preparing for the last sale of this almost gone year. The AGI Holiday Sale is on Dec. 3. Connie and I will be sharing a space, and this year we will be having a vintage Christmas. Will keep you up to

I have enclosed some pics of my favorite finds and projects for the month of October. Please enjoy them.


Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

I know just how you feel - I'm spending 10-12 hours a day on the computer these days too. You know it's been to long when you try to drag your mouse to hit the space bar key :P Love all of your treasures!!!


Sondra said...

Oh boy, that makes three of us. It's been forever since I've even been able to pop in for a visit. I miss you and Connie!! I'm afraid to say, though, that with the holidays ahead of us it may not slow down any until January...