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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Trash Pickin

Tuesday morning my boss comes strolling into work at 10am. Right behind
him in tow is his little girl. She was suppose to be at school. Well,
they over slept. So he hands me his car keys and says "Can you take her
to school. My car is parked out front in handicap." Guess, I'm taken
the muchkin to school.

Off we go, on the way back from delivering my precious cargo, I cut thru the development behind our office building, and there in the trash is the cutest little mahogany chair. With a hand embroidered
seat. The seat has seen better days. The springs had fallen out and the
horse hair stuffing just fell apart in ones hands. BUT!!!

out a thought in the world I slammed on the breaks jumped out, grabbed
the chair... and I forgot I had the bosses car, not mine. Well he
brought to work today the little Volvo
sedan complete with car seats and toys. Determined and cursing him out
for not bringing his Tahoe today, I squeezed the chair in and returned
to work. I transferred the chair to my car, and quick to his to vacuum
it out. Thanking God the whole time that he had not driven the Porshe
in today. It would have been a shame to get horse hair all over the
inside of that BABY! But hey, I bet the chair would have fit, even if
it's legs had to hang out the window! After all it is a covertable! The car that is. Check out my new blog to see the chair now. Vintage Re-Style by Antekin.


Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Morning Dona,

I can't believe you found that in the trash, you have the best luck finding goodies! I can just see you stuffing that in to your bosses car :)


Linda said...

Hi Dona...good to see you back:). Love the chair...what a great little treasure. Your vintage Christmas sale sounds wonderful....I have got to check out your new new blog...looks like lots of neat changes going on. Hugs, Linda