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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Spoiled Rotton

I am soooo spoiled. Connie and I went to an Estate Sale today. It is
poring down rain and we drove quite aways to get there. There is a line
outside. OK, nothing weird about that. They have a sign up sheet, OK,
Then they are giving out numbers, and than they call your name, and
then you are allowed into the garage at 9am. The whole process must be
done again at 9:30 when the house opens. And they were only letting 10
people in at a time. OK, I understand organization, after all I run quite a number of business, but, I must say this was pretty sad. So, when I got home I look up this woman's website, no pics, nothing. She needs to go to a few of my friends
sales. Check out her site. Helen does not full around. Her sales start
on time, the door opens, you go in, you buy. End of story.

But today was not a total wash out. I scored at one downsizing sale. A pair of Alexander Backer chalk busts. The girls head had been re-glued on at some time. But I added an old neckless and she looks just fine. Also picked up some USA pottery vases,and a cute little shelf. The oil lamp says Made in The USA of the Americas. I
just that was neat, so I spent the $1 on it.

Check out Vintage Re-Style, this weeks projects are looking glasses. ( Mirrors)

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