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Monday, April 21, 2008

Who Ya Going To Call ?

OK, So here it is Monday night and I just got done work. Connie comes in on Monday nights to relieve
me at work. Our office is open Mondays from 1pm to 8pm. But I start at
8am to answer the phones etc.So it is 5:15pm and I leave work, I was
planning on going to Superfresh on my way home. The traffic was really bad, so I decided to cut thru the little townhouse development behind work and come out right at Superfresh entrance. Well, I did not quite make it to Superfresh, because in front of this little townhouse was an entire set of wrought iron patio furniture in the trash! U-Bie!!

quickly turned around. Went back, my heart beating so fast I thought I
was going to have a heart attack on the spot. No one scarfed this set
up yet? I couldn't believe it! In perfect condition, just needs a little black spray paint here and there, and cushions too! Not a mark on them.

Well, I get two chairs
in my little SUV, but the other pieces don't fit. OK make three trips
you say. Thought of that but by the time I get home unload and come
back someone else may have taken it. So like a mother bear I sit on my
find and think. Who can I call? My husband is out of town. Our truck
keys are in his pocket. So I have a truck at home, but no keys. The son
is at work and so is the daughter. Everyone else lives to far.....

Then it comes to me. Call the accountant from work. He lives down the road. Has a truck. Signs my paycheck. And certainly
knows the value of a dollar. Free he will understand! So Jack the
accountant comes to my rescue and does not even charge me gas money!!


Connie said...

You did good.

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Well I think the moral of this story is to drive your truck at ALL times. You never know what is around the corner!!! Its funny when I read this because it is a dream of mine to find a complete scrolly iron patio set on the side of the road. Mind you I have found single pieces so have nearly put together a complete set anyway. Great score, they look fabulous!!
Alicia ~ time worn style

Linda said...

Dona,the patio furniture is too cool....what a great find! Linda

Lee W. said...

wow- grat find, great story!

Retromodgirl said...

That is my dream find!!!! Congratulations!!