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Monday, January 12, 2009

Blessed Mother is worth WHAT??

I do not know why it never accrued to me that the statues of the Blessed Mother and the Pope and all statues of religious figures
were worth money. Well, not all, but I had picked up some of these
statues over the weekend at two estate sales. I bought them for $1 here
and a $1 there. I mainly bought them because they are all made of
chalk. Now chalk brings a few $$$. But, as I was surfing the Internet for maker names and statue names, I came across all these sites for these items, And boy are these items pricey
. I also stumbled across a site for a print of The Holy Mother and
Child that I had bought over the last summer. Turns out it is rare. Who
would have known? You learn something everyday about this world of
antiques, it just goes to prove, you never know it all, nor will you

Speaking of learning check out Vintage Re-Style this week Gold Anyone??


Linda said...

You just never know when you are really buying found some very nice pieces...but what I really loved seeing were all the wonderful head vases when I peeked in your china cabinet.
The craziest thing...I just can't get this song out of my head, we are the champions, we are the champions......hehehe hugs from a Steeler fan

Linda said...

I'm trying to be so good because I know we play next....but do you need a hanky:)...L